1841 U.S. Mississippi Rifle percussion Harpers Ferry Armory Eagle brass mounted trumpet style ramrod


1841 Mississippi Rifle

Maker: Harper’s Ferry Armory – 1850

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A model 1841 U.S. martial percussion Mississippi rifle.  Made at the Harper’s Ferry Armory, and dated 1850, on the lock plate.  It is brass mounted, including a brass tipped trumpet head ramrod; which is correct for these rifles, made before 1855.  It is a .54 caliber, rifled bore rifle, with a “US” stamped buttplate.  The patchbox contains two oxidized lead bullets and a hook shaped tip for the ramrod.


Caliber: .54 percussion

Overall Length: 48.8″

Barrel Length: 33″


Condition: Iron parts have a mixture of dark age patina and grey metal, with a few areas of pitting, and vise marks on the breech area of the barrel – Brass parts have been cleaned, years ago, and are now begining to tone – Wood has been cleaned, and does not retain an inspector’s cartouche, there is a 2″ long crack at the left barrel tang area of the stock and is reinforced with an old nail – Action is very good and the bore is much better than usually found in these rifles


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