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Powder Flask for the Colt Walker or Whitneyville-Hartford Dragoon

Maker: Unknown

Circa: 1847

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An original 1847 Colt Walker or Whitneyville – Hartford Dragoon powder flask.  This one is fitted with a leather harness hanger and a twisted cord strap, probably from its period of use.  It has a plunger type charger system, and the ball compartment lid is marked “COLT’S PATENT” in an oval, as only the Colt Walker and Whitneyville – Hartford Dragoon flasks are.  Much research has been done on these flasks, and this one conforms perfectly to the accepted standards.


Overall Height: Approx. 9″

Width: 3.60″

Thickness: 1.70″


Condition: Flask body and charger show a great, untouched age patina – Body has a few small dents in the area below the “COLTS PATENT” banner, and an old solder repair to the lower seam – Charger appears to operate as it should – Leather and cord are in very good condition


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