Remington Rolling Block 1866 Commercial model .50 caliber officers model factory engraved authentic antique old gold tin


1866 Commercial Model Rolling Block Pistol

Maker: Remington Arms Co., Ilion, New York


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An engraved 1866 Remington Rolling Block, spur trigger, pistol with ivory stocks.  A very rare gold & tin plated, deluxe scroll engraved, commercial model.  The checkered ivory grips are factory original. The pistol grip is numbered “3” within the grip strap area, and the barrel has three punch marks under the forend piece.  The left side of the frame is clearly maker marked with patent dates of 1864 and 1866.  There is a Naval style anchor stamped at the top of the barrel, just in front of the frame at the breech end of the barrel.  It is believed the production of the 1866 commercial model was less than 500 of the standard model, with only a very few examples, engraved with ivory stocks.  The stocks weigh less than the allowed limit for antique gun parts.  Note: Flayderman designates this pistol as an 1865 model, but later research has it as an 1866 model.


Caliber: .50 centerfire

Combined Weight of Ivory: 6.1 oz or 173 grams

Overall Length: 13.5″

Barrel Length: 8.5″


Condition: All iron parts show a dark gray-blue color with some areas of plating still remaining – Stocks have a very nice mellow yellow to gold color with one stress crack in the forend, extending forward from the attaching screw – Bore is bright with some staining – Action is crisp


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