E.Woods, London Scottish dagger etched blade silver mounts leather scabbard gold decoration dirk silver studs antique


Scottish Dirk or Dagger

Maker: E. Woods, London, England

Circa: 1850’s

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An antique, 1850’s, Scottish dirk or dagger.  It is in a silver mounted leather scabbard with some gold decoration.  It come with a small knife & fork in the scabbard.  All three pommels are mounted with faceted cairngorm stones.  The handles are carved hardwood with silver studs.  The blade is etched, and includes the maker’s name, “E. Woods 36 Bow St London”.


Overall Length: 17.50″ in Scabbard

Overall Length of Dirk: 17.20″

Blade Length: 11.85″

Blade Width: 1.35″


Condition: Blade has some staining, with evidence of a few light rust spots – Dirk handle is good with 3 silver studs missing – Scabbard leather is very good with only light surface scuffs –  Silver fittings have a very pleasant patina with 2 plaques missing, one at the throat, and one at the tip –  – Small knife is good with 2 silver studs missing – Fork is very good – All Cairngorm stones are good with NO damage


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