buffalo horn grips part octagon barrel brass frame loading gate antique authentic


Double Action Revolver

Maker: Unknown, probably European

Circa: 1870 – 1880

Serial Number: None

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An antique brass frame, double action, six shot, revolver.  The round barrel is octagon at its breech end.  The grips are probably water buffalo horn.  A swivel type lanyard is mounted in the butt.  We believe this revolver was made during the 1870 to 1880 period.   It is unmarked as to its maker, but we are pretty sure it is European.  Each of the 3 frame screws are numbered to match a corresponding number on the frame (the number 3 screw may be a replacement, as its number is missing or worn off).  This pistol was formally in the ”J.M. Davis” Memorial Collection in Claremore, Oklahoma, and still retains its brass collection tag #2786.


Caliber: .38 cartridge

Overall Length: 10.75

Barrel Length: 6″


Condition:  Brass retains a good medium mustard color age patina – Iron parts are bright with some staining, and probably cleaned, years ago – Grips are excellent, with only minor marks and some shrinkage – Action works perfectly as a double action,and we do not believe it was ever designed to work as a single action


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