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Maker: Unknown – Japanese

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A very beautiful antique Japanese matchlock rifle with a traditional three quarter stock.  The barrel has multi metal inlays featuring a cherry tree in blossom and a fancy bird.  It has a fluted octagon shape barrel with a tulip shaped muzzle.  There are many decorative brass inlays in the stock including waves of the sea, a monkey, a Samurai’s helmet, a cherry tree in bloom, a Foo dog, flowers, and more.  The wood of the stock may be that of a cherry tree, but we are not positive.  The underside of the forestock has a deeply carved panel, with a meaning unknown to us, possibly the maker’ s name, or a poem.


Caliber: .45 matchlock

Overall Length: 40.80″

Barrel Length: 30.625″


Condition: Iron barrel has great age patina, with one inlay at the breech that is dented – Brass parts show a light age patina – Wood stock has only minor bumps and dings with much of the original lacquer finish remaining and some areas of crazing – Hammer will not hold in cocked position – Bore is rough


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