Trap Gun early 1800'S Welms marked old for poachers grave robbers thieves


Welms Trap Gun

C.early 1800’s

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An early 1800’s trap gun used for poachers, grave robbers, thieves, etc.. It is clearly stamped “Welms”, in 3 places, on the left side of the stock. A simple design, trip the wire or cord, the gun would pivot towards the intruder, and fire a large bore projectile through a swamped, blunderbuss style barrel. At the time this was in use there were no laws against grave robbing, the medical sciences were in high demand for bodies to study, and it was often up to the loved ones to protect their dead.

Caliber: Approx. 70

Overall Length: 20″

Barrel Length: 12.5″


Condition: Wood has a wonderful aged patina with one large crack, and many worm holes – Iron is dark with heavy pitting – Mounting bracket somewhat twisted and missing two lower screws – Lock and triggering mechanism works perfectly


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