authentic English walnut F. Joyce & Co. brass 2 cavity mold Colt combination tool Flask cap tin percussion old 19th century antique


Pistol Case

Maker: Unknown English

Circa: 1840-60’s

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A very nice English walnut, pistol case and accessories for a 6″ barrel, 1849 Colt percussion pocket model revolver.  The accessories include an English style bag shaped flask, a brass .31 caliber bullet mold, a combination tool, and a 250 count F. Joyce & Co. cap tin with green labels.  The brass plaque on the lid has not been inscribed.  The lining, and partitions are lined with a dark blue cotton velvet.


Dimensions: 12.2″ x 6.15″ x 2″


Condition: Box has 3 small cracks in the lid, but is structurally sound, with some losses to finish, and a few nicks and scratches – Lining has some missing fabric in the left rear corner, where the barrel sight would have caught as the gun was put in and taken out of the case – Interior compartment lid appears to be a replacement – Case lid hinges have been moved inward and the original hinge slots filled – Flask is very good with almost all of its original lacquer finish on the body, gold gilt on the charger assembly, and original fire blue finish on the spring, but does have several small dents – Mold is good with minor nicks and stains – Cap tin is very good, but has been opened – Combination tool retains much of its original blue


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