Ottoman Empire hunting sword Carved ivory horse head hilt antique 17th century French hand forged turban rare


Hunting Sword

Ottoman Empire period

Maker: Probably French – 1750-1770

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A very fine, probably French made, hunting sword for the Ottoman Empire period, c.1750-1770.  The grip or hilt is carved ivory in the shape of a horse head, with engraved silver inlays.  On one side is carved a tulip, and on the other a rose, both very desirable flowers, of the time.  The horse has one remaining red faceted jewel eye.  We believe the horses ears are the original size; carved small to avoid breakage.  The iron blade is engraved with a number of interesting figures, including an Ottoman Turk wearing a large turban.


Overall Length: 28.5″

Blade Length: 22″

Blade Width: 1.56″


Condition: Blade has a nice aged patina, with some very minor pitting and forging flaws – One horse eye is missing, as is the hilt chain, that would have attached at the horses mouth and the crossguard, a 1/2″ section of silver is missing from one of the bow shaped inlays, and the scabbard


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