swaztika ruby glass eyes d guard scabbard ww 2 acorns original



Nazi Sword

Maker: Unknown

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An original WW2 German Nazi “D” guard lion head sword.  The right side langet has an eagle holding a swastika in its talons.  The hilt and guard are decorated with oak leaves and acorns.  The lions head has faceted red stone eyes.  The grip is a black composition with a double twisted wire wrap.  The scabbard is black painted metal.  There is a maker’s, oval shaped, stamp on the blade, but it is under the left langet, and we do not know what it says.


Overall Length in scabbard : 37″

Overall Length of Sword: 35.5″

Blade Length: 30.75″

Blade Width at Hilt: .73″


Condition: Blade retains all of its original polish and the leather washer at the hilt – Brass if untouched with a nice age patina and traces of gold gilt remaining – Grip is undamaged – Scabbard retains much of its original finish with some crusted corrosion, primarily on its left side


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