double set triggers Civil War 41 caliber percussion full stock brass patch box antique


Heavy Percussion Sporting Rifle

Maker of the Action: Sharps Rifle Mfg. Co, Hartford, Conn.

Final Assembly by: Unknown


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A very unique heavy barrel Sharps percussion sporting rifle. The gun is brass mounted with a civilian type patch box.  The serial number, ”C14253”, falls within the Sharps 1863 New Model range.  It has a full stock with a wooden, tiger striped, ramrod below the barrel.  Other features include double set triggers and no lever catch.  The rear ladder type sight is stamped ”R.S. Lawrence Patented Feb. 15th 1859”.  The heavy octagon barrel measures 1.13 inches across the flats.  The rear tang sight is missing.  The left and right sides of the receiver are also stamped with patent markings.  Rifles of this weight and style were a favorite among buffalo hunters.  Many were assembled by skilled gunsmiths for their individual customer’s needs or desires.  This is a beautiful example, from a time when men hunted buffalo nearly to the point of extinction.


Caliber: approximately .41 percussion

Weight: 13.8 pounds

Overall Length: 50.25″

Barrel Length: 33.60″


Condition: Iron parts are a medium grey color – Brass parts have a light mustard color patina – Wood is very good with only minor marks, one small crack extending from the lower edge of the lock plate to the lower tang – Action is crisp and tight, the double set triggers work perfectly – Bore is bright – Tang sight is missing


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