powder flask James Dixon & Sons Adjustable charger shotgun fluted decorative authentic Sheffield, England



Powder Flask

Maker: James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield, England

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A beautiful English shotgun powder flask made by James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield.  It has a fancy fluted copper body with a brass charger & adjustable spout.  It will measure 2 1/4, 2 1/2, 2 3/4, or 3 grams.  It appears to be Riling’s, fluted flask, #293, similar to the Hawksley pictured.


Overall: 8.375″

Width: 3.35″

Thickness: 1.55″


Condition: 50% of the original dark lacquer remains on the flask body, in protected areas, balance has a nice untouched dark copper color age patina – NO dents in the flask body – Brass has a nice dark age patina, with some original gold gilt still remaining – Charger works perfectly, missing one attaching screw at base of collar


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