Antique U.S. Militia sword with scabbard plumed helmet pommel plated brass fittings ribbed bone grip



U.S. Militia Sword with Leather Scabbard
Early 1850’s
Maker: Unknown

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A nice looking U.S. Militia sword with a ribbed bone grip, plumed helmet pommel, leather scabbard with plated brass fittings.


Overall Length: 31.5″
Blade Length: 25″
Blade Width: .9″


Condition: All plated brass fittings have a very dark aged patina – Blade appears to have been cleaned, and is now a silver grey with some staining – Scabbard leather has a small kink near the tip, and the black finish has faded to a medium brown – Scabbard tip has numerous dents – Sword hilt a little loose


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